Max Standford is a Spanish – Peruvian young film director, photographer, dancer and performer.

After graduating from the ‘Escuela de Educadores’ in Pamplona, he made the decision to move to Madrid to continue his studies in social work. In the meantime, he was introducing himself to the world of dance and performance.

Standford has the opportunity to participate in workshops on theatre and performance in countries such as Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Cyprus, and Armenia, which helps him develop his skills and give him the chance to Perform in other countries such as Hungary (“Act it out”), Greece (“Science on the Moon and the beast in Human”) and his own country Spain (“A mi manera“, “Dragtivism ‘22″).

In 2020-21, he made the decision to produce and release Vol. 1 of his personal project titled “A pies descalzos” a visual representation of social thoughts that incorporates shots, rhythm, and movement to create a sensorial reflection in the audience or spectator. In support of his visual project, a book called ‘A pies descalzos Vol. 1’ was produced in English and Spanish.

In 2021, he makes the decision to move to Palermo to work for an NGO called HRYO in the visual department.

They offer him the opportunity to do an internship in Turkey which inspired him to create a new project that reflects the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, releasing an experimental short movie in 2022, a first part of #Feetheaileni.

After finishing his contract in Turkey, he decided to come back to Palermo to study Regia at the ‘Scuola di Cinema Independente Piano Focale’, taking the chance to develop his finale student project titled ‘Passion Fruit‘.

Through this experience, he was given the chance to work as an assistant director for Rosa Russo (“Cori di Sale”), Fabio Bagnasco (“Un Giorno in Piu”, “The dream is real”), Danilo Nuncio (“Un paso in Dietro”), Andrea Deguardi (“CREPE”) and Pasquale Palmeri (“Rock ‘n’ Trope”). And as Aiuto Regia for Maurizio di Rosa (“La Cura”) and Francesco Lentini (“Tutta un’ altra storia).

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