Act it out (YE)_Performance

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Last August, Orfü (Hungary) brought together 35 young people from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Spain, to give us the opportunity to reflect about human rights in both individual and collective aspects of contemporary society.

I’m so glad to meet new people from other countries who have the will and the ideas to fight for a better world. That point of view was constructed by several reflective parts of the activities as well as in the final performance. Despite using different methods and techniques, we had the opportunity to express our ideas for a world of balance. Another part that I liked was the diversity of the nights, some of them were fun, while the others were to get to know each other and share moments in small groups – we talked about life, our experiences, these talks that have an important value for me”  Julia

“From my perspective, I can point out the great intercultural aspect of the project, thanks to sharing 10 days of our life with people from different countries, nationalities, and the diversity of ideas and arguments which happen in these same countries increased the value of each activity. Another point that I really appreciated was the chance to experience the process of organising a creative process, a performance, with different layers and personalities, trying to coordinate and improve individual potentials in the name of one common aim – to create something together, something critical and beautiful, unique and memorable. Something that could be remembered like “look what I’ve achieved, after my initial thoughts that I was not capable of doing it“.That’s one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned and it shaped further the path of my studies and following a creative direction through music and movements.” ARK

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