I think that a 6-act transition that is so complex, wouldn’t have been able to be projected if it wasn’t for the help of Erika Reyes

Thus Act I, which is called “Outlands”, is represented as a small garden of colors, symbolizing birth from a place of care, from difference, purity and the innocence open to the world.

The Act II called “Purajei”, that explores more deeply the nudity of the soul in its different processes that lead to knowledge, is represented as the elevation of a circular mountain, reaching an ascending cusp to feed itself in the knowledge clouds.

Those clouds will continue their way, until they reach a lunar cycle, symbolizing Act III “Girl in this town”, dedicated to women. Their contribution, life experiences, and vindications bring up the colors.

The cultural part that links our own roots, the search for identity reflected in Act IV “Phoré” is seen illustrated in the living in community in shops and a small fireplace.

Act V: “Almóm”, is an invitation to personal reflection on a path that digs into the density of a forest, connecting with the natural part.

And lastly, Act VI “Caminho”, is represented with the concept of letting yourself bath and dilute in the water, a metaphoric sample of the knowledge acquired and going beyond the confines, where we are able to find other waters and share our experiences.

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