HRYO, Human Right Youth Organization, is an organization since 2009, based in Palermo, Sicily. It’s composed for many youth workers with different knowledge and skills. They implemented many activities at international level (Training Courses, Youth Exchanges, European Solidarity Corps projects) and local events for the community.

I have the opportunity to film many of these projects, give them visibility in social media.


It’s a piece of land confiscated from mafia, planned to be an educational garden where can realize outdoor educational activities for children, young and adult people. An important opportunity to fight in a nonviolent way, against the mafia.


A short documentary of the first training mobility of participants in the city of Palermo, Sicily. Focus on the knowledge of different realities for migrant womens in the labor market.


SEED (Skills development for Youth Empowerment and Employment reaDiness), was the experience of 6 youngsters in an Erasmus+ project; hosted by the organization HRYO.


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