PURAJEI is the name with which I decided to conceive the second act of my performative creation in process “A PIES DESCALZOS”. For me, it implied an intimate nudity between stories that narrate life experiences, vindications and reflections about the figure of “oneself” as a walking and observing being in a society in continuous transformation. Where communication and listening skills dissipate in new algorithms that dissolve our interpersonal relationship capacities.

Two are the pieces that belong to this act, that, for the moment, I have decided to show; two sister pieces with a poetic lyrical message that highlights the need for awakening.

This double piece that emerges into one is born from the comprehension of the different economic, social and political inequalities and injustices that lead to exclusion; conditioning our attitudes as individuals belonging to any culture wherever we live. 

This foments an awareness towards the co-responsibility of being agents of change in the formation of a society with critical, empathetic, competent, diverse, tolerant, versatile, responsible and active capacity. A society that knows how to recognize its own feelings, those of others and to be able to properly manage different relationships.


It’s was nice adventure to travel through the music from different parts of the world, from Buenos Aires, Sevilla; Madrid; Barcelona and Pamplona. Connected with different artist, share experiences and involve in this project, that is becoming more real as before.


We are uniting our resources around this challenge, and we are combining our resources and asks to make it easy for people to support their communities.

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