The concept of this IV act was born in my experience living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I just fell in love with the energy, the people, the music, the landscape…a living paradise.

This experience changed my life, my persona and my rebirth as an artist. 

On this trip, I had to ask myself some questions about the importance of knowing the roots, to be connected with nature, taking care and creating with the resources that you have to share.

This is how I involve myself in rescuing one essay about love that I made from the university “El Enamoramiento”, and bringing to life music, dance, color and elements. A travel that starts with this Chapter called Ἀδάμ_Se Enamora divided in 4 parts.

Ἀδάμ _Se Enamora part i

Ἀδάμ _Se Enamora part II

Ἀδάμ _Se Enamora part iii

Ἀδάμ _Se Enamora part Iv

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