What is ” A pies descalzos”?

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“If the north and the south are the same. I’ll fly to the light, a step ahead in the deepest sea.

Techi León. Plane to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 27 of May 1983

A long time ago, in the first year of the High School, I met a girl named Miiz. We wrote a lot about love, socialising, adventures, dancing and heartbreaks ,which was a recurring theme of our time. I appreciated the tips that she provided.


I would frequently use the hastag #adventureIsOutThere. Miiz then began to introduce me to photography with a focus on adventure and nature.

On day in March 2016, another friend of mine decided to go for a walk. The street we were walking on looked very similar to that of Diagon Alley, in the film Harry Potter. This image led to the concept of Caminho (or path in Portugese) as it captures the essence of a sequence of photos creating a video.

Otto Friedrich Bollnow wrote about Human Space, saying that “who doesn’t have a place to take shelter, a home, exposed himself without defense to the danger of the time and destiny. It is important to remember that owning a house, doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand how to live in it. Learning how to live in a house is a process that requires a new path.That is a process to learn and understand how to dwell in, after that he could belong to a place where all the new paths begins and return. The human soul is a traveller and a dweller that needs to go out into the wildnerness to achieve his purpose in the adventure of the life.”

One photograph captures this meaning in the Larnac, Cyprus being barefoot in the street.

I consider myself to be enthusiatic, adventurous, in tune with nature, intiutive, creative…I always have motivated to create new projects however many do not follow through. With the #Xroomproject, I was able to create a short movie that special to me and displayed a lot of emotional thought.Right now I can not release it, because I don’t have the resources that i would like to have, so I decided to postpone after “A pies Descalzos”, with time to save money to invest on this awesome project .

A pies descalzos is a project that has slowing been developing over the years. However i needed the university to provide me a task, something related for creating it.

A pies Descalzos will form part of the annex of my desitation by the title: ” Art of methodology” this is taking a different perspective from my academic degree in Social Work and displaying my contemporary dance, videography . Taking into consideration the personal and cultural aspects.

It will be an end of an era, not only in the academic aspect, it will be a poetic farewell of my residence in Madrid not by the fact of the city, it’s for the essence of the people that I have the pleasure to know and the new discoveries of myself… a farewell that have path a new studies in movement and theater in foreign lands, a charitable performance which funds are going to this studies

The central theme of the Performance describe a journey from darkness of our daily life to light. The show will be divided into six sectionsOutlands, Purajei, Girl in this Town, Phoré Almon & Caminho.

A performance, besides an idea needs help in their process, and that favour I have found directly and indirectly in many friends and teachers. I would like to  mention in this first article the poetel contacto de la piel”, who collaborated with me influenced by his verses in some of the pieces of this performance. Miguel  Alvarez, for his patience and the beautiful melody while playing the guitar, the soul of Tina Lucano, that had  an impact on me, and helped me in some songs in her studio. Igor Niemyjski, a young talented musician that I was wanting to collaborate with for  years ago, and this is the start of our moment. Lastly, to Kai Engel lending me 4 of his masterpieces for the visual content the show. By the other hand two women, Julia Herreros and Simone Phoré, that had a mark on me, a creative and critical point of view that change my life on a beautiful island in middle of the of the ocean, where part of my heart belongs now.  And many other people, for lend me their images, voice or sounds to the process.

This performance has their upside down, difficulties and times to give up, but one person said to me once “ if you have the idea structure in your mind, and in the paper, it’s time to take action, the only obstruction is you, be creative and take advantage of everything you have in your hands, give it light. The final result it will totally different if you planned to do it 10 more year later, because you knowledge and resource are completely different. The change is on you”

and this attitude gets undressed barefoot step by step.

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