I’m so glad and proud to release my first short movie called “Aileni” a synonym of “reborn”, “rebirth” and “renaissance” in welsh, that was hosted for the Pride Kosice 2022 by the theme “Worst Fear, Best Fantasy” in Tabacka Kulturfabrik.

A project which has been developed in many phases, started in one essay about the process of falling in love in the university called “El enamoramiento” in 2019, later with the visual “Adan_Se enamora” filmed in Gran Canarias y Navarra in 2021, following with live performance in “Adan_zamilovat” in Slovakia 2022 where I met the performer Alberto Monreal; to finally participated in the Rehearsals for the performance “Science on the moon, and the beast in human” by Fiorela Mastrokalo in Patras of this year. 

The timeline of this project brings me to the place that I am now, Izmit (Turkey), where I decided to film the rest of it, and create this storyline where a main character has to deal with personals behaviors, challenge to declare for himself what means love, what is the price to pay in a context that is not allow what he feels, and if he want to take the risk to lose it all to be honestly to him.

For me this sound and visual journey, that you are gonna be part, is more than a short film, it means a protest in an artistic way for all the cases of oppression, violent acts (verbal, psychological and physical) that has no word of justice in many places, for different cultural  backgrounds and a need of education in this aspect.

Aileni declares an action of empathy, taking care of the feelings, emotions, words and giving you time to heal the past, to be true to yourself.

With the collaboration of some friends, the message of Aileni could reach many countries, the subtitles are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Latvian, Slovakian and Turkish.

For this reason are you ready to #feeltheaileni ?


Written, Produced And Directed by Max Standford
Editing by  Max Stanford 
Support Assistant: Andreea Stancu
Voice Off: Guillaume Merienne
Subtitles: Lukas Lee (Slovakian), Guillaume Merienne (French), Gözde Ceylan (Turskish), Mirthe Van Westerlaak (Dutch), Apostolos Skamos (Greek), Ilze Zvejniece (Latvian), James Mazzara and _teo Thesituation (Italian), Daniela Nunes (Postuguese), Max Standford (English and Spanish )
Cameras: Rafael Arenas, Berpiztu Audiovisuales, Andreea Stancu, Max  Standford, Xfunzipha, Cristian Dragan, Liliana Janeiro, Jaime Sligo, Fiorela Mastrokalou, Eva Dzurjakova, Lukas Lee
Performers: Juan Manzano, Alberto Monreal, Alesandros Tsitos, Alexandros Koukias and Max Standford
Choreographers: Ainhoa Carrera Igeltz, Fiorela Mastrokalou, Akzahara Martini and Max Standford
Rehearsal Room Assistant: Anuadance, Lumbra Centro, Baobab Danza, Recreation Facility Zlata Idka  and Lithografeion TheatherMax Standford
Music: Munu – Aluvia (Vruno Remix)
Fragments From The Pride Palermo 2022 By Guiseppe Mazzola
Fragments From The Pride Bucarest 2022  By  _00kai_
Fragments From The Pride Seul 2022  Javibtf
Fragments From The  Athens  Pride 2022  By Aris Pavlidis, Christos Efthimiou, Iván Sienes And Stavros Symeonidis
Fragments From The Pride In Slovakia  By Pride Kosice
Extracts From The Visual Performance “A Pies Descalzos”: Adán_se Enamora By Max Standford
Extracts From The Rehearsal “Science In The Moon And The Beast In Human” By Fiorela Mastrokalou

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