Aileni will be released this Sunday 4 of September. A short movie that was created for the Kosice Pride of this year, by the theme “Worst Fear, best Fantasy”

A sound and a visual journey that explores the inner thoughts of one character that try to avoid, refuse his  inner feelings for the consequence of his actions. 

A story that tries to acknowledge aggression (verbal, phycological and physical) that many suffer.  

A story that some IG followers decided to watch before its release and give their first impression. 

I would like to thanks for the people who accept the challenge to watch this performance, which could be so hard at first, to dedicate time and record themselves to share their experiences with others . I really appreciate it.


Background song: “I look in the distance” by Hinterheim

1st reactions videos from: 

Sofía Gonzalez

Alba Andreu

Victor Le Boisselier

Daniel Silas

Marvia B.

Βλάσσης Χρυσικόπουλος


Alex C.

Andreea Stancu

Pride Photography of Palermo Giuseppe Mazzola

Pride Photography Seul Javi

1st Trailer

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