It was “NO”, a song performed by Shakira in 2005, that keeps the b/w style as the emotional concept of the lyrics, with a new perspective that was running around my head many times.




Songs: No by Shakira
Spoken words sample from the chapter “Strange Gods” by Roxane Gay author of Difficult Women
Special Thnxs to my background voice and image: J_L_a, helping me in the creation of this piece, and came with me in so many adventures.

The concept of this 3rd part of the project was born while I was doing a gallery to support the 8th of march, making a pleasant presentation, a throwback in time to my IG postsdays, in a creative way with the spanish fragment called “Por cada mujer hay un hombre” by Luis Bonino, Dani Leal, Jose Ángel Lozoya and Péter Szil.

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay was an immense inspiration for this whole world GIRL IN THIS TOWN. A book that traveled with me from Madrid, flying to the Canary Islands and visiting the different places of Hungary, creating magical moments with different people for his reads as discussion for his understanding.

A book to invite me to empathize the whole of his stories, as it changed my perspective to consider many attitudes. That was one of the reasons that I couldn’t let it go just for me, it pulled me to share this story with my ideas in the complex world of “A pies descalzos”

If the 1st visual called “No” gets a little sneak peek of this book, then the video named “(con) TACTO 16” show an explicit story as combined with lights and the movement. This couldn’t be possible without the collaboration of duoarmonia, teachers of the dance school Anuadance, that involved their talent in the concept of this idea.

As every storytelling needs an interlude, KATRINA, is the perfect sequence between “No” and the upcoming “(con) TACTO 16”. A claim speach from different women around the world, speaking loudly together in the melody of the incredible artist Kai Engel.

Music: “Contention” & “Seeker” by @kai_engel Voices:@convdevivir@conssrodrigo@inesdiazc_ @anabelhernandez4@carmen.novogimenez@juliaht98@leireemr

Original text by Luis Bonino, Dani Leal, Jose Ángel Lozoya and Péter Szil

So that’s GIRL IN THIS TOWN opened the path to understand a little piece of world of A pies descalzos, a trip, a journey divided into 6 phases. In which the feet, sometimes forgotten, suffered as a wound, walking through different worlds telling stories such as close experiences.
In it, colours, music, dance, video and photography are unified from respect to invite the watcher to a new reflection.

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