Following the topic of the 1st post “Animación Sociocultural”, I would like to show you good example, throwback to the summer of 2017 during a Work Camp in Cascais, Portugal, organized by Rota Jovem.

Work Camps are happening all around the world and are led by youth groups who travel to where they believe they can make a difference. “Step ahead” was no different, in fact it was one the most beautiful experiences I have ever engaged in.

During 2 weeks, a group of 20 people had the chance to interact and rebuild the common area at the neighborhood of Alcoitão, they installed an outdoor gym and rebuilt the community grill.

Why this project is connected to our topic?

This topic is related to our project because previously to collaborate with volunteers, there needed to be a  background assessment between the social workers and the people in the neighborhood, whereby they explained their situation and their needs.

As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, there was an increase in the unemployment rate among the youth. This reduced their motivation to interact and engage with the community. During meetings they agreed to create an outdoor gym space and a barbacue place,  where physical activity and greater social involvement with the community could revive their ambitions.

So with the help of the volunteers, they worked together to exchange stories to improve their life.

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