We are close to the end of this Month, so with the collaboration of my friend Julia Herreros, I decided to remember some of the quotes that inspire and still inspire the last 8 of March, the International Women’s Day.

Perhaps you are wondering what is the reason for a “Girl in this town”?

For many years , I have been surrounded Women friends and they have been teaching me day by day why the importance of this constant fight, because sometimes the whole movement and all the screams and shouts that we did that day, are forgotten the following day?

As my friend Daniela Nunes told me once,

“the world have seen so many changes and at the same time not much have changed. We still educate our children according to gender and always always point to girls how subtle and well-behaved they must be and celebrate men in opposition, for the same reasons.”

So here we are again, why a “Girl in this Town?

Because This last 25th of March a woman was murdered by her husband aged 47 and as the web inform since the beginning of 2019 until today, there have been 29 feminicides and domestic murders in Spain

‘Cause there is a girl in this town and so many others around this world that need our support as allies not just for a day

So here you have some of the quotes that altogether scream about that day

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