Buon Anno

The other day for class, i had to do a shortfilm based on the movie “Coffee and cigarettes” by Jim Jarmusch.

I had the opportunity to film in one cafeteria from Palermo, called Nalu, where i decided to based the technique used in the episode “Cousins” of this movie, to develop my skills.

I had to admit that this task was a little challenge for me, because i’m used to do it more drama, but the comedy it was another area that i really enjoy it. And this experience gave me some knowledge to develop for the future…so stay tuned, and I hope you like it


Directed and edited by Max Standford
Director of Photography: @circle_of_the_imagine
Director Assistant: Thomas Blervacque
Cast: Rita Matus, Salvo M. & Elise Brisou
SPONSORs: Nalú Caffeteria – Palermo Notabartolo Inti_gioelli_fatti_a_mano

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