I’m so excited to share with you “GAIA: THE EXPERIENCE”, a documentary that I’ve been working on with my team Guillame Merienne and Alba Andreu in the past months. 

A journey of 5 volunteers that came to Palermo (Sicily) from France and Spain, hosted by the NGO HRYO (Human Rights Youth Organization).

This will be the opportunity to discover themselves in a new culture, new challenges and new perspectives in life. 

I hope that you really enjoy it, feel free to share and comment


Written, Produced and Directed: Max Standford, Guillaume Meriénne and Alba Andreu

Editing: Max Standford

Project Coordinator: Senem Kalafat
Financial Manager: Marco Farina

Partners Organizations: Fundació Catalunya Voluntária, Parcours le Monde IDF, CINERGIES, HRYO

Local Associations: Centro Astalli Palermo, Palma Nana

“GAIA” Volunteers: Ethan García Gomez, Augustin Pigot, Guillaume Mériene, Alba Andreu Martin, Αλεξάνδρα Σόγια and Ark MH

Voice off: Fabiola Turiño Manzanero

Fragments from the book “Palermo as Person” by Marija Biljan

Additional Photography: Valery B., Fran Molina


“Wind in the shells” By Agustin Pigot
“The twelve theme” by Federico Albanese
“Nice to Turin (TOOME remix)” by Land observatios
“Places” Sholhmo
“Juju” by Zubi, Rusalka,Anatu
“Oceans” by RY X, Ólafur Arnalds
“Lovely” by Billie Ellish, Khalid
“Can’t find my cat” by Agustin Pigot
“Taranta Sound” Eugenio Bennato
“Freeze” by Kygo

Realizzato grazie al supporto dell’ Unione Europea e Agenzia Nazionale per I giovani

Il sostegno della Commissione europea alla produzione di questa pubblicazione non costituisce un’approvazione del contenuto, che riflette esclusivamente il punto di vista degli autori, e la Commissione non ouó essere ritenuta responsabile per l’uso che puó essere fatto delle informazioni ivi contenute

Docummentary mentioned “The Mafia is trashing Italy” by VICE toxic

Fragments from the “Podcast Got me thinking: Trash in Sicily “by Guillaume Meriénne /Alba Andreu

Fragments from the docummentary “Her, empowering women” by Max Standford

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