“MEDITATIO” it’s a short movie in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Giada Ottaviani.

It’s an atemporal piece that became real after listening for first time the cover “Sugar Man” by Rebekah Thompson from the movie soundtrack “Moffie” (2020).

Belonging from a different world apart of “A Pies Descalzos”, trying to reconnect to the sensibility of the human nature for the growing of a new path. An adventure between movement and thoughts in a old style movie shoot.

I hope you like it, and feel free to give us a feedback of your point of view, and don’t forget to like and a repost.



Dancer & Choreography: Giada Ottaviani
Music: “Sugar Man”by Rebekah Thompson from the soundtrack Moffie (2020) Background photography cover from unsplash by Sunyu Kim, Tim Krauss & Animesh Chattlerjee
A film by Max Standford


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